Better lives thru higher wages and investment in education. 

     I want to thank the 45% of voters who voted for me on November 4th.

It is clear that there are a lot of citizens in Coeur d'Alene that want changes in our state government. Lets hope that the representatives who were elected will actively seek the advice of those who did not vote for them. We must understand that democracy is a way to find common ground and make progress solving the problems of this rapidly changing world.

    In Idaho, we have been trying to solve our problems with a set of "conservative solutions" and not making progress. Being at the bottom of so many measures of economic and human success, we must reconsider what the causes of these failures are and not just treat the symptoms.  Then we might finally make some progress.

 Anne Nesse 



 Anne Nesse


   Anne Nesse (D)

 Idaho state house of representatives 4B


  • Economic fairness

  • Personal freedom
  • Responsibility
  • ​Sound Government
  • ​Education and reason
  • Sustainable use of resources

  • Equal justice
  • Care for the unfortunate
  • Work together as a community
  • Religious freedom